Hey! There’s an Idea!

I was sitting at home, looking at the enormous pile of fabric in my room. I have a project for every single piece of fabric, and every time I go to a fabric store, I collect more. I would have to live to be 140 to be able to use it all.

Unfortunately, I inherited this trait from my mother, so sitting right next to my pile, was another pile of material from her.  What to do?

Then I thought, if I’M in this position, surely there’ll be others that are as well? A few caffeinated discussions later, and fabric-a-brac was born.

The idea is that people take a table at the event, and sell all that cool vintage fabric, those buttons, patterns and sewing-related items that they are just never going to get around to using.

Some people get some cash, others get some great fabric at bargain prices. Hey presto!

The luverly people at World Sweet World magazine came on board immediately – they’ll be there and will give you the chance to win free copies of this mag. Watch this space for more!

So far the details are:

12noon – 4pm,  Saturday 18 April

Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison St, Wellington

Stalls are really, really, really, REALLY cheap, so do get in touch if you’re interested in selling, or getting a group of friends together to do so: email fabricabrac

So start pulling out your fabric….



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