Phew! It’s over! It was heaps and heaps of fun. I was delighted at the quality and variety of fabric that stallholders brought along, and we got brilliant feedback from everyone. It has proven to me that people love a bargain – by five to 12 you could hardly move there were so many people there…and there were lots of lovely bargains to be had. I myself, erhem, as predicted, picked up a couple of additions to my fabric stash. Ooops.

Thanks to all those who participated and came along, there really was a lovely, friendly vibe about the event.

And yes, it’s looking like there WILL be another of these events…email fabricabrac if you want to get details of the next event…and watch this space.

Thanks again to World Sweet World magazine, and also to the Flaming Frenchman coffee cart for coming to the rescue of our caffeine needs.

Until next time – get sewing!!

4 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic event – was a fab idea and win win for everyone. I collected some great pieces that i’m not sure what i will do with, but am enjoying pondering about. Full credit to the organisers

  2. I went to the Fabricabrac sale and it was absolutely incredible! It was the sewing highlight of my year. I got there at noon and I felt like I was already late, as the venue was arleady full of fabric connisseurs. Outside was fill-a-bag of vintage linen scraps and sundry other unique fabrics. Inside were a variety of stalls with surpises on every table.
    I loaded up as many bags as I could physically carry and still had money left over – and there were tables I didn’t even get a chance to peruse. My favorite purchase was a little roll of vintage cotton trim, straight from the 60’s!
    The place was packed and bursting at the seams (so to speak), so the event was certainly a huge success.
    Hats off the creator of such a wonderful concept, and to the organizers who brought it to life.
    Happy sewing!

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