coming right up

is the next fabricabrac… it’s under two weeks until a fine collection of fabrics, sewing accessories et al are coming to Brooklyn. Get your project ideas together and come on down – 14 November from 12 to 3pm at Brooklyn Community Centre.




2 thoughts on “coming right up

  1. Hi, About the Vintage Fabric Fair in Auckland, yes there was quite a bit of fabric, we had a lot of it and also other vintage items from linen to lace also. Ask Ruth with the buttons, she attended also. Sales were magic!

    Another thing I would like to mention is that I have a website that lists all Art, Craft and Handmade Markets throughout New Zealand. Just started but need lots more help to get everyone one in N.Z. to call in and check it out.

    It’s at and it’s getting better every day, but need your help in listing Markets – Thanks Alan and Yanny

    • Hi there – thanks for that update. Your website sounds really interesting, will link through to the site from this site for you. A great idea – well done! JB

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