it came, it went, there was lots and lots of fabric

Hey there all of you who made it to the November fabricabrac. Can’t believe it’s December already?! My excuse for not posting for a while is Louie, my brand new little baby boy. I knew boys were time-consuming, but Louie takes the cake. When he stops demanding food, and nappy changes quite so often, he’ll get the benefit of fabricabrac with a few baby projects piling up in my ‘to do’ pile…

For those who didn’t make it to the November FBB, here’s a few pics. Top marks to those who had a table outside and spent most of their time making sure the Wellington wind didn’t blow it all off their tables.

Thanks again to Victoria and Mary Anne for their work on this event, and Cafe L’Affare for their kind donation of coffee. Over $400 was raised for Mary Potter Hospice.

Also, we’ve just found out about this website – a central place where you can find out about craft markets. Awesome! We’re planning another FBB in the new year, so watch this space.


fabricabrac outside


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