keep ’em rolling in

Thanks for all your suggestions – some great ones in there! In the meantime pencil the 19th of June into your diaries – we’ll confirm date and venue asap. We’ve been donated some fab fabric for the Mary Potter Hospice table over the last few months, and I’ve had enquiries from heaps of new stallholders. Seems there’s no end to the cupboards full of fabric stashed away in Wellingtonian’s houses (or New Zealanders for that matter).

If anyone has any great sources of fabric online, let me know. I’d like to get a comprehensive set of links happening to help people fulfil their fabric obsession in-between fabricabracs.

Keep those venue ideas coming in please…they are all really useful.

One thought on “keep ’em rolling in

  1. Possible venue for Fabricabrac – Ngaio Town Hall. It has been used in the past for craft fairs and Otari School used it for an Antique/Collectable Fair. Stalls can be set up all around the sides and also in the middle. It’s large and airy. Also has good parking. Don’t know how much it costs to hire though

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