We’re not NZ Customs

Hey there. Well those grannies’ closets are well and truly opened?!! We have a full capacity of stalls already, and I’m just busting with excitement about the vintage fabric, lace and haberdashery, upholstery fabric, oooh about everything!

If you are like me and have an old pair of scissors in your drawer, and you keep getting them out and trying to cut fabric before remembering they’re as blunt as a log of wood, and then you put them back in again to be frustrated another day….fabric-a-brac is coming to the rescue. Well, actually the guys from Absolute Sewing are coming to the rescue.

They’ll be there offering scissor sharpening, and since we’re not NZ Customs, we’ll let you bring your scissors with you. They will also be offering Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles at almost wholesale price, some sewing accessories and they can answer general questions on sewing machine parts and repairs.

Start dreaming up those projects you are going to need fabric for…


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