Oh What a Perfect Day

We’ve all been a bit sick in our house, so it’s taken me a while to muster up the energy to do a post FBB post! But it was fantastic. We raised around $800 for Arohanui Hospice, mainly from the mad, HUGE table (well actually three tables) of fabric that was donated from Palmy. Everything from real fox fur (?!?) to original vintage 1950s patterns (going for 50c each), buttons, old lace and some lovely old fabrics. Modern sparkly stuff too. One of our stallholders was selling modern patterns (some of which are still in the pattern books today) for $1. A steady crowd worked their way through the bargains and drank coffee while comparing finds.

Thanks Palmy, we’ll do it again next year!


3 thoughts on “Oh What a Perfect Day

  1. It was a wonderful market of materials and sewing stuff – all up I spent $5 and came away with four wonderful bits of wool fabric for a project. Plus I’m sure I was two persons removed from a famous columnist who has written that excellent history of fabric crafts in NZ…the ultimate accolade! I wasn’t expecting posh coffee so next time I’ll come prepared, i.e. I’ll bring my 3 sisters.

  2. Fabulous event!! I loved the range of fabrics from the $1 bargains on the Hospice table through the beautiful new linens at the Stitchbird stand and all sorts in between. Thanks for bringing this to Palmy. Roll on next year.

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