fabric fabulousness

Fabric, fabric everywhere – yesterday’s fabric-a-brac was brilliant. Er – and some new fabric made it back into my box to take home! I always seem to buy something, couldn’t resist some amazing green spot ($10), some really interesting smaller pieces for $1 each and this huge floral, which is usually $120 a metre – I got around four metres for $15. Fabulous. Not sure what to make yet but am thinking lots of bags, a curtain or blind and wee purses for Christmas pressie.

It was a great event – lots of interesting fabric and a good steady crowd.

There was some confusing publicity about the workshops – they were $5 to get in but the DomPost mistakenly said it was $5 to get into fabric-a-brac itself 😦 bit bummed about that, and hoping it didn’t put too many people off!).

If you can’t wait until the next event, join us on facebook to get regular updates on what’s happening and dates as they come to hand. And help us spread the word.


2 thoughts on “fabric fabulousness

  1. Hi there!
    Just wanted to tell you how good idea you have on sell at good prices good fabrics…
    Even if it’s pieces of them for other people can be really usefull!
    I missed the last fabric a brac you did in Wellington and I really wanted to go!
    Do you know when are you going to make another fabric fair near by?
    I dont want to miss it this time!
    Hope its soon…
    Thanks a lot!
    Will be looking forward.

    Valentina from Chile*

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