May fabric-a-brac

We’re on again!

The first fabric-a-brac of 2011 is set for Saturday May 21 at St Anne’s Hall, Newtown, Wellington. Email me if you would like a stall. More details to come soon…

Meantime of course, our thoughts are all-absorbed with Christchurch and Japan. There’s some great crafty projects going on to help people in Christchurch. Check out Craft Jam for Christchurch, Felt Aid, Handmade for Christchurch and L’il Quake Appeal. We’ll do something at the next FBB to contribute to the Chch appeal.

There are a few good teeshirt initiatives to raise money for Christchurch too – by Threadless, Mr Vintage and Kia Kaha. Although I’m not so sure about the ones showing the seismic activity, or putting Christchurch together as bits of a jigsaw. Dunno, maybe it’s just me, but they feel like they’re trivialising the whole thing. But Mr Vintage have raised $95,000. So that’s all good. I’m not complaining.

Threadless are also looking for designs for their teeshirt to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross. My favourite is a, well, red cross, so I’ve on their mailing list if that design wins.


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