Fabric disappearing act.

What a day. Started with a queue to get in, an interesting session from Ann Packer and continued into a frenzy of fabric buying. Exhausting, but great fun. Some brilliants finds at the Hospice stall and people were walking away with huge bags of goodies. Lovely old fabric getting a second life – a great sight! Hope you all had fun – let me know what you thought and tell me about the bargains YOU got! See you on Nov 5.


6 thoughts on “Fabric disappearing act.

  1. Fabricabrac today was the best ever! Such a great buzz in the room with an amazing assortment of fabrics, notions, patterns, knitting wools, buttons…WHATEVER! If you needed it, it was there, AND at the RIGHT price! It was so great to connect up again with buyers and sellers of beautiful things.
    Can’t wait for the next one! Alison Blain x

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    • Great – glad you had a good time. I never thought I’d have so much fun organising an event!! 🙂 See you in Palmy – I’ll let you know when we confirm a date.

  3. The third time I’ve had a table at a Fabricabrac and it was definately the best. We sold heaps and ended up taking only about 6 pieces home. Plus of course the 2 pieces that I bought! Well you have to don’t you? There’s just too many bargains and so much loverly fabric that you’d have to be pretty hard hearted not to come away with something. I’m going home to my mums and going to clean out her 40 year old stash of material for the next Fabricabrac.

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