To infinity…and beyond!

Well, not quite. But it sounds like the Brisbane event was a huge success (i am SO saving up my airpoints to go next time), so thanks to everyone for making it happen, and Lindsay despite having heaps of things happening in her personal life, making the event such a great time for all those fabricaholics out there.

We’re now getting heaps of enquiries from other cities and towns wanting us to take fabric-a-brac to them. If you are interested in seeing an FBB in your town and are keen to help make it happen, let me know. We’re keen to keep it a really high quality fabric and sewing accessory event, that raises money for charity. If you are keen to make this happen, get in touch and I’ll hold onto everyone’s names and as we’ll come up with a plan.

Until then, we have an event in our home town of Wellington on 5 November. Put the date in your diary and let me know if you want a table, I have had a heap of interest already so it looks like our second room will be chocka with stallholders this time.


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