What’s hot. What’s NOT

I’ve had a few questions on what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’ for fabric-a-brac, so I thought I’d get it all out in the open for potential stallholders, and those of you who are coming along!

Fabric-a-brac is about ‘things to make things’. Admittedly it’s a fine line sometimes, with the upcycling movement in full swing!But I’m pretty clear on what things are obviously able to be reused, and what is more likely to be used for it’s original purpose. So what in (what’s hot) is (not an exclusive list!):

  • fabric
  • lace and trims
  • needles/thread/scissors/unpickers etc
  • sewing machines and knitting machines
  • knitting needles and wool
  • craft-related books
  • patterns
  • doilies
  • woollen blankets


anything already made up – for example:

  • clothes (as a rule, although we have had a stall full of kimonos so this is a rule I can bend, but you’ll need to check with me)
  • cushions/cushion covers
  • crocheted/knitted blankets and quilts and er – your dirty old duvet covers (no, seriously)

Any questions or clarification on this let me know


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