Get ye down to Sydney town

So, this weekend we hit the big (Australian) smoke with our inaugural event in Sydney. I’d like to shout out (that’s “yay!” not “arghhh”) to Kaila, my lovely partner in fabric obsessiveness, who has done an awesome job putting the event together. She’s really kept to the spirit of Fabric-a-brac, and what I appreciate most was her commitment to Hospice 🙂 Thanks Kaila! She’s totally full with heaps of interesting-sounding stallholders, so spread the word if you have mates in Aussie and head down to Redfern this Saturday. So exciting.

A note for those who were in Wellie last weekend – someone dropped a camera in the carpark – get in touch with me if you lost one and I will reunite you with it.


5 thoughts on “Get ye down to Sydney town

  1. Your shout out should have been an arghhh …
    imagine getting to this well publised event to find it was on the fourth floor of the building with NO ELEVATOR !!!

    Seriously I wasn’t the only one not impressed after huffing up the hundreds of stairs on a hot day!

    Imagine having booked a table and arriving to find access was at the top of hundreds of stairs … you’re kidding! Why on earth weren’t people told when they booked a table? Well we know the answer to that after being there today!!!

    Talk about poor event management!!!

    A big zero for not telling and publising the honest facts on the location!

    Shame this good idea was not treated with the respect it deserved … shame, shame!!!

    • Just another note Red, just caught up with the Sydney team, and there was an elevator which the stallholders used, so I am not sure how this was missed in your case.

  2. So sorry the stairs were an issue and you’ve come away with a negative impression of the event. We did have to change the venue from the original not very long ago and this one was still in Redfern. Do let us know if you have any other ideas for venues? Thanks and apologies again that you didn’t enjoy the day.

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