Fabric projects – yup it’s Christmas card time

Well, I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit, and usually that means piling up a whole lot of things I’d like to make for presents to give to people. Far more things are already on my list than I’d be able to make if I had until Christmas 2012.

But what I will do, is make my own Christmas cards. So much nicer than commercial ones, and often they can be really simple. I’ve set aside a night next week to dedicate to this, so I’m optimistic of making it for the cheaper postal price for a change too.

Here’s a wee selection of some gems I found on the internet. I like this snowman although it looks like a lot of work. These Christmas trees are more up my alley – i did something similar one year but glued the fabric rather than sewing it. Cool Mummy has some lovely cards and the Angel one is a great idea. But if you use red or green lovely fabric you can almost get away with any shape to make your cards feel Christmassy.  The gingerbread man in this tutorial is my favourite.

Have fun


If anyone else has found any great sites, or has made their own that they’d be happy to share, please post them!


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