Run over by a truck.

A truck that’s full of fabric.

That’s how I feel! Exhausted but exhilarated though! That was definitely one of the best fabric-a-brac’s sale-wise for Hospice (still counting up numbers but looking great so far), and a really steady crowd all day. Heaps of baking donations so I didn’t have to stay up until 1 the night before making shortbread (which my partner is most disappointed about), some lovely new volunteers on the Hospice table, and some great new items that came out of the closet and onto people’s tables.

Here’s a few pics – i didn’t take many as I was too busy on the day, but a friend has, and they’ll be coming soon.


And congrats to Anastasia Burns who won the Crafty Girls’ Road Trip raffle – well done A! The book’s on it’s way this week (when I drag myself out from under the truck).

We’re going to give ourselves a bit of a break, and then we’ll let you know more details of the next Palmy, Wellie and Brisbane events. We can tell you that Wellie will be on NOVEMBER 10, so put that into your diary! Happy sewing! Please do post pics of your stashes you bought or things you’ve made – would love to see them!

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