Thanks heaps all!

Fabric-a-brac Palmy was lovely.

Interesting how different it is from Wellington, where people are often queuing at the door, or come flooding in before 9am. It started really slowly and we had a few nail-biting moments there where I had a slight panic that the people weren’t going to come – and then they came! And came! And bought. Great – some wonderful stalls full of lovely stuff and our usual contingent of lovely, friendly stallholders. interestingly a few stallholders, and buyers, from Wanganui – good to see you making the trip! Between Palmerstonians, Wellingtonians, Mastertonites and Kapiti-Coastans we had a real regional mix.

We raised $900 for Arohanui Hospice, which we’re really pleased with.

Thanks everyone – especially Sarah, Dan and Kate for their awesome work before, during and after the event to make it such a success.

Right – a few pics below, then we’re thinking Wellington November!


One thought on “Thanks heaps all!

  1. Hi We came over from Whanganui and had a great timehow about coming to Whanganui we have lots of Frabric a holics here Cheers Julz Coffey

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