Earthquake strengthening hits fabric-a-brac

We were all set for Nov 10 at St Annes in Wellington, then… they shut the hall after its earthquake assessment.

After much hurried rushing about, phone calling and mild panicking, we’ve managed to secure another great venue for Fabric-a-brac in November – Berhampore School Hall. It’s the venue for the lovely Knack market for those of you who know it (their next market is on 6 November). Please do spread the word – my nervousness now is that everyone will turn up at St Anne’s on the day!

Thanks for all those who helped us find this venue – much appreciated. We’ll have around 43 tables full of fabric delights – so see you then!


  • Sat November 10th
  • 12noon to 3pm
  • Berhampore School Hall, 105 Britomart St, Berhampore, Wellington.

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