Down low…

We’ve been on the down-low.

There’s been a lot happening, and not all good unfortunately, with a bereavement and serious injuries for loved ones. 😦

Fabric-a-brac news is mixed – the lovely Vanessa and Stephanie from Auckland and Brisbane respectively have had to pull out of organising, for personal reasons. So these two events are on hold for now – if you have an interest in running these DO get in touch with us!

On the positive, we are getting geared up for the first event in Taranaki in early October. We have a feeling that there is going to be some amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing finds dug up out of the closets of New Plymouthians and beyond. So if you haven’t already put it in the diary for a girlie road trip.

Wellington dates are still being confirmed – we have a hugely enthusiastic group of gals who are keen to make this event happen. If you think you might have some skills that might help us – esp when it comes to PR and Marketing, let us know.

We’ll be back soon for more. Promise. I leave you with a lovely little fabric inspector from our Palmy fabric-a-brac last year.

Fabric hunters start early these days.

Fabric hunters start early these days.




One thought on “Down low…

  1. Lovely! We’ll be in touch – we have a couple of people keen to help, so I’ll get Grace who is going to coordinate this to get in touch. Thanks heaps!

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