Behind the Fabric – an interview with Val and Annie

The sewing world is such a welcoming and close-knit community, don’t you think? Most of us have probably struck up a conversation with a stanger in a fabric store at some point, united in our love of creating and all the fabric goodness that goes with that. It’s one of the things we love about Fabric-a-brac too – seeing a group of people who love fabric and textile arts coming together and filling a venue with happy fabric talk. 🙂

And as part of that, there are a bunch of people behind the scenes. (Or, since it’s Fabric-a-brac, behind the Fabric!) They’re also super passionate about crafting and craft community.

We thought it would be fun to get to know some of them a bit better. The Fabric-a-brac stall holders, volunteers, organisers, and regular attendees. Today is the first of our ‘Behind the Fabric’ interviews. We hope you like them!

To start off the Behind the Fabric series, we caught up with Val and Annie, who are getting ready to have their first ever stall at the Wellington Fabric-a-brac event on 10 October. Plus, we got some sneak peeks at some of the things they’ll have on their stall on the day – exciting!

Hi, Val and Annie! And welcome to the Fabric-a-brac blog! Lets start with the most important question first – what are your crafts of choice?

We’re mother (Val) and daughter (Annie), and top of the list is sewing! All types, costume making, smocking, applique. Annie is also into paper crafts and LOVES using a Cricut machine (and you can cut fabric on this for applique!)

Vals fabric

How long have you been doing your craft for?

Val has been sewing for what feels like forever (and for as long as Annie can remember), but she can remember the achievement of making her Mum’s treadle machine go forward – not backwards!
Annie’s first dabble with fashion was turning rabbit tails into fur stoles for Barbie at about age 5!

What inspired you to start?

Val inspired me from a young age, and now we love working on projects together.

fabric a brac 2

What’s your favourite thing to make?

These days for Val it’s making dolls clothes – for the 1950’s Walkie Talkie’s. Annie loves to smock pieces for Val to make into dresses for her vintage dolls – win win 🙂


Vintage doll dressed by Annie and Val

Have you had a stall at Fabric-a-brac before?

This is our first time, and we are excited!

fabric a brac 3

What treasures can we expect to find on your table?

Loads of fabrics – all surplus to our requirements …. a mix of vintage, cotton fabric (from here and the USA), embossed panne velvets (perfect for Halloween!), a mix of patterns, trims and buttons!

fabric a brac 1

What’s one tip you’d give to people for when they come to Fabric-a-brac?

A big bag, open mind (you WILL need it one day), and open purses!

Thank you so much Val and Annie! We’re really looking forward to seeing you at Fabric-a-brac, and hope that your first event as a stall holder goes well!


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