Remembering our mums

sewing-with-mumMy mum was the one that inspired my love of sewing. Growing up she always had a project on the go – whether it was fixing some of our clothes, making us or herself something there was always material in some state of being made into something hanging around her machine.

My most cringeworthy moment as about a four year old, destroying a purple pinafore she was making me. I loved purple, and I loved the idea of the pinafore. But it had really long straps – it was pretty much a skirt with braces in a very Seventies fashion. There was something about those straps that really bugged me and while she was out of the room, I snipped them right off. I just couldn’t help myself.

She was so mad, and I remember being mad at myself. Why did I do it? Again, in Seventies fashion, I got a right old hiding.

This isn’t a happy story 😉 but it got better from there on in, I promise! I stopped cutting things things up that weren’t meant to be cut and grew to love the creative process of making my own clothes. And that’s all down to my mum’s patience.

We’d love to know – who inspired you to sew and how? So we’re putting together a Zine for FBB’s tenth anniversary. We’d love to hear your stories. ❤️🧡💜💙 If you have a memory, story or poem connected with the person that taught you to sew and you’d like it to be considered for inclusion in this publication, we’d love to hear from you.

– Submit through this  FORM
– Deadline 7 June 2019.
– Word limit: up to 200 words
– Photos welcome.

Love to you all and we hope to hear your stories soon.

Message us if you have any questions.

Josie (Fabric-a-brac)