Feeling the Fabric Love

Wow we had an awesome day at the Palmerston North Fabric-a-brac yesterday. A steady and large crowd made their way around the fantastic stallholders, then into the ‘Hospice Hall’ – all those huge rolls of fabric donated by Caroline’s Creative Interiors – over 100 of them – were snapped up by eager buyers.

Thanks to the Hospice team of staff and volunteers – what a lot of lugging about you had to do! And to all those who measured and priced beforehand. And thanks to the stallholders and Hospice peeps who stayed behind to help clean up 🙂

Thanks to Anne, a genuine Southlander, for taking charge of the Authentic Southland Cheese Rolls. Often they were snapped up before I made it from the kitchen to the tea and coffee stall!

But today, I wanted to do a special shout out to the mums who helped on the day. Here’s Lois and Sharon, Tina and Steph’s mum respectively. They were AMAZING troopers, who stayed the whole day behind the tea and coffee. Sewing is a shared love across the generations, and the enthusiasm and hard work shown by these ladies, as volunteers, blew me away.

69676174_2708642645847599_4353309045122138112_oThank you! Feeling the fabric love today!


2019 Fabric-a-brac Palmerston North

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