And now for something a little different…

So the good news, is that the Wellington Fabric-a-brac is still going ahead!

Actually – there’s no bad news 😉

But it will take a different format.

We have 90 boxes of modern, vintage, old and new fabric that has been donated for Hospice. Now we’re filling the hall with these treasures – for you to discover!

Level 2 has made running Fabric-a-brac a wee bit tricky. So, as a one-off event, we are having a big sale of all our Mary Potter Hospice donations only. No additional stallholders sorry.  

There will also be no tea and coffee or baking this time

We’re delighted we can still run this event to raise money for such a worth cause…

There’s going to be a ton of treasures to discover – see you there!


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