Taranaki to-dos!

We’re looking forward to a Fabric-a-brac Road trip for lots of women from around New Zealand.

Mt Taranaki

Mt Taranaki

We’re excited to hit the New Plymouth opshops (and the ones on the way) and a trawl through what we’re sure will be an amazing stash at the Fabric-a-Brac all to help local Hospice.

So we’ve pulled together a list of things to keep your bargain-hunting adrenalin running – please post any other ideas you have!

Op shops

Here’s a list on this very cool site we’ve just discovered – Op Shop Directory

Here are some highlights

Books and stuff

Stitching and fabric shops

Arts and crafts


Lots of cafes around the area, but here’s a small selection

  • Big Jims Garden centre on main road towards Waitara;
  • Elixir on Devon Street and Chaos on Brougham street.  Both great food and service.
  • Federal Store on Devon Street
  • Gusto is a nice restaurant on the waterfront.
  • Arborio is also a really nice restaurant at the front of Puke Ariki….
  • McFarlane’s at Inglewood (Next door to this is a lovely crafty gift shop, well worth a visit)
  • Kauri Cottage at Egmont Village,Palmers garden centre at Waiwakaiho;
Discover all the other arts, cultural and heritage-related things there are to do, and use the travel planner here. But don’t forget Fabric-a-brac!

3 thoughts on “Taranaki to-dos!

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  2. Just came across your page… thought I’d let you know there is no Black Sheep Shop in Hawera any more but there is a great quilt shop down Dives Ave. It’s called Wildflower Creations, Michelle the owner has a shop in her home, she is a lovely person and has a great range of fabrics! Dives Ave is just off South Road one of the main roads through Hawera.

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