luverly stuff you can sell

Although the main idea is that fabric-a-brac is about fabric, stallholders can sell patterns/buttons/trims/ accessories – plus sewing machines and tools for sewing – as long as it’s sewing-related and not a finished product. I have had a few enquiries about wool, and I think that’s fine, just shouldn’t be the dominating factor of your stall. NO NO NO finished items please – there are plenty of craft fairs you can go to!

Here’s a list I’ve put together to give you an idea. But this is NOT exhaustive so check if you are not sure:


  • cushions
  • pincushions
  • purses or bags
  • made-up tapestries or embroideries (doilies are the exception)
  • Beads/sequins
  • Fabric flowers


  • Fabric
  • Zips
  • Buttons
  • patterns
  • tape measures/scissors/sewing tools/sewing machine/needles
  • embroidery cotton
  • wool/knitting needles/knitting patterns
  • Textile-related books
  • Tablecloths
  • Doilies

Any questions or to book a table by yourself or with friends email fabricabrac.

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