how to donate fabric

In Wellington

If you don’t want to take out a table, but have a few pieces of fabric you’d be happy to donate, you can drop them off before the event to raise money for Hospice ( in Wellington Mary Potter Hospice). I have a special association with the Hospice, as my dad was there in his final days. They do a fantastic job.

Drop donations off at Mary Potter Hospice in Mein St, Newtown.


PLEASE quality fabric or notions only – we won’t be able to sell fabric that is in too rotten a state…e.g.  ripped and stained. Old duvet covers also not welcome! (yes we did get one of those last time). Think about whether you would want to buy it back or not! If you have a chance to measure it, great, if not, no worries, we can do that. If you have odds and ends of COOL fabric, that’s fine, people may like it for quilting or applique etc. so feel free to drop that off too!


Donations of fabric and sewing supplies for Fabric-a-brac can be dropped off at the Hospice Marlborough shop in Redwoodtown from now until the week before the event.    Just leave a note or mention to the team that it is intended for Fabric-a-brac.

In Palmerston North

You can drop fabric donations for Arohanui Hospice – CLEARLY MARKED FOR FABRIC-A-BRAC please to

  • Arohanui Hospice Shop, 285 Rangetikei St, Palmerston North
  • Arohanui Hospice Shop, 312 Oxford Street, Levin
  • Arohanui Hospice Shop,22 Fegusson Street, Feilding

Email fabricabrac if you have any questions.


12 thoughts on “how to donate fabric

  1. my partner gave me a heads up to fabricabrac after he heard an interview on Radio NZ on my birthday….it looks so fab – i only wish i had the bucks to go south for it (live in piha on the west coast)…keep up the good work…any word on one happening in akl area?!
    i wrote and included a link to y’all in my blog – check it out!
    anissa in the sun with blank sand between my toes eyeing up a pile of retro trim…

    • Will let you know how I get on with one in Auckland – I have had a few people ask! thanks for the link – that’s brill!

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  4. Please put me on your mailing list. Would like to know when you have a drop off point in Wellington. Having a clear out because we are moving. Have plenty of lovely fabric but never got a “Round Tuit”. Thanks, Catherine

  5. Hi there. I have a great fabric stash that I’d be delighted to donate for the hospice. Is it too late for this Saturday? Thanks.

    • Hi Joy
      We are really overloaded with fabric donations for this event, I would really love to say yes, but I think you might have to hang onto it for next time now – I will put you on the mailing list for next time! Thanks so much.

  6. Hi, I have some lovely pieces of fabric and notions, etc. Would love to donate these to raise money for a good cause. Can you add me to your mailing list for the next event?

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